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Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I help talented professionals rediscover their purpose & land roles they don't want to leave! Are you ready?


When is the last time you went to bed excited on a Sunday night?


Deep down you’ve always known that you were meant for more. Meant to make an impact, meant to build a legacy doing what you love!


Every day, I get tons of requests from professionals who tell me “I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I no longer want to do what I’m doing.”

Instead of spending thousands on coaching, I’ve created a crash course filled with everything you need to help you discover your purpose & launch a more satisfying & rewarding career.

Rediscover Your Purpose, Rebuild Your Career

Networking & LinkedIn 101

Networking doesn’t have to be a struggle! I’ll teach you to network like a pro!


Networking (when done right) can be exciting, informative, and mutually beneficial. 


Your Network is your Net worth. It’s time to make it work in your favor. 


In this course, we’ll cover everything from establishing new connections, requesting recommendations, landing referrals, securing offers & getting noticed by recruiters & hiring managers (on and off of LinkedIn)!

Have you been labeled as a     

“Job Hopper?”


You’re not alone and you won’t be the last. Why do people job hop?


Bad bosses, toxic environments, and low wages exist!


It’s time to find a better fit… because you deserve to retire your “job hopper” badge and build a thriving career. Let me show you how!

Uncensored Job Search Guide for Job Hoppers

Digital Products

Scripts for Your Job Search

Not sure how to approach recruiters, hiring managers, or potential mentors?


Understanding exactly what to say to quickly capture the attention & interest of other professionals who you are interested in shouldn’t be super time consuming or stressful.


I’ve put together commonly requested outlines for approaching recruiters, hiring managers, and/or potential mentors for you!

If someone asked you, “what is your brand?” Would you have an answer?


In today’s job market, having a well defined brand is essential to building meaningful connections, landing new opportunities, and carrying out a job search with confidence.

Download this free worksheet to help you create a stellar brand!

Build your Brand Worksheet

Hey there!

Chelsea Jay Resume Writer & Career Coach

I'm Chelsea Jay

As your coach, I'm here to remind you that you can redefine your career at any point in time & for any reason.

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