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Career Essentials for Executives

You’re an Executive Leader (CEO, Director, Chief) who is looking to use your leadership skills in a new environment. It has been a while since you’ve updated your resume (or maybe you’ve never had to have one!) and you need solid materials that will demonstrate the impact you have and the results you deliver.

This package includes everything you need for your new role. You’ll receive a targeted resume and cover letter.  I’ll also provide LinkedIn profile optimization and training to increase your views and ranking in search results to recruiters and industry professionals. We’ll wrap up your project with a coaching session to address any questions that you have and you’ll be provided with unlimited email support for up to 1 year.



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Chelsea Jay Resume Writer & Career Coach

I'm Chelsea Jay

As your coach, I'm here to remind you that you can redefine your career at any point in time & for any reason.

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