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Should I quit my job? The top 3 questions you should ask yourself before making a move.

Has quitting your job been at the back of your mind lately? Have you taken the time to really explore what the reason behind your thought is? Quitting a job isn’t a decision that comes easily or quickly for everyone. Sometimes an event at work starts to trigger the idea, then it begins to fester, and before you know it, you’re rushing into your bosses office ready to slap the notice on the desk and give them the finger as you’re walking out the door (well at least that’s how it plays  out in your head right?).

Before you get to the point of frustration and rash decision making… or worse… contentment with tolerating the same ol same ol, ask yourself these 3 questions below to solidify your decision.

Why do I want to quit my job?

There’s always a reason behind why professionals choose to end their relationship with their employer. What is yours? Be honest with yourself. When I work with my clients, this is often what I hear:

  • I’m not being paid what I’m worth
  • I feel unappreciated
  • I feel underutilized
  • There’s no room for growth
  • I hate my boss (or coworkers)
  • I never really liked this job in the first place, I just fell into it
  • I’m ready for a change

The above comments are ones I hear repeated over and over again, but on the bright side, it’s great! We have a starting point. Understanding what you dislike about your current job will help you in deciding what your next career move will be!

What am I looking for?

Are you looking for a higher salary (better pay), better benefits, closer location, a new career, a promotion in position? The list goes on and on. In fact, I advise that you take time out to write down what it is you’re looking for as well as your non negotiables.

  • After you confirm what you’re looking for, ask yourself.
  • Can my current company offer this to me?
  • If so, am I willing to stay onboard?
  • Do I have a list of companies that I want to work for and that I know offer this?
  • Do I have friends or previous colleagues that have connections that will help me get where I want professionally?

Defining what you want is critical to job search success. Once you’re ready to embark on this journey its important that you know what you want and let employers know what you want. After all, you don’t want to end up in the same position months from now. 

Am I willing to devote the time and energy into a job search right now?

This last question is extremely important. The average jobseeker takes anywhere from 6 to 8 months to land their next gig. This is not the same for everyone, but for most, this is the timeline. Networking, revamping your resume, and looking for a job… is a full-time job! It takes time, effort, and lots of research to find a company that has a great culture fit, salary, advancement opportunities, great perks, etc.

Are you willing to set aside 10 hours or more per week? Sometimes that’s what it takes and lets’ face it, you will get rejected a few times because that is part of the process. Make sure to leverage your connections, create a plan, network, and most important… don’t give up! You got this!

If you need help putting together a plan to reach your career, reach out to me! I’d be honored to help you.

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